technology & innovation

technology & innovation

Technology &  Innovation:
-   HDW Technology Fabric
-   High Frequency Welding Seam Construction
-   DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
-   Anti  Bacteria
-   Seam Seal
-  Digital Print 


1. HDW Technology Fabric

Durable, 100% waterproof and easy to clean, all Feelfree Gear bags are made from a unique heavy-duty yet super soft fabric that’s impregnated with our proprietary PVC coating.

 Completely waterproof and with a soft wipe-clean surface, it’s also strong, hardwearing and highly abrasion-resistant compared to other waterproof fabrics.

 Perfect for protecting your gear when taking on any adventure or lifestyle.


2.High-Frequency Welding Seam Construction

For seams that are at least as strong and as waterproof as our HDW Fabric  –   you simply have to use High-Frequency Welding technology.

During this process, the seams to be joined are clamped between two dies and subjected to a high-frequency voltage which causes the molecules in the seams to vibrate and create heat. This heat and the pressure applied by the two die fuse the seams together creating the ‘weld’. The welds on all Feelfree gear bags are 100% waterproof and at least as strong as the material they join. Welded seams outperform and outlast glued or taped seams and our perfect for heavy usage in harsh environments.


3.DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

4.Anti-Bacteria Fabric Treatment


5.Seam Seal

 Seam seal or seam tape is just what its name describes. It’s a layer of tape especially developed at our factory technically, a polyurethane film that is placed under the seams to block any water that enters the needle holes from making its way into your gear.  

6.Digital Print

Digital textile printing involves a highly-specialized inkjet printer which prints   directly onto fabric or depending on the fabric type, sublimation heat transfer  




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