Feelfree Gear's Tarpaulin
The Feelfree Gear range of products are manufactured from high quality Tarpaulin, a  100% waterproof material that’s strong, durable, hard wearing, abrasion resistant and easy to clean. 

Waterproof Canvas
Feelfree Gear’s waterproof canvas material is made from treated polyester canvas yarns -  and more than twice as strong and resilient as traditional cotton canvas. Coated with high quality clear Polyurethane ensures that the canvas is completely waterproof, won’t stain and prevents odors. The canvas is also UV resistant, flexible and resists creasing despite its   pliability - therefore perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use.

High-Quality Faux Leather
Feelfree Gear’s quality synthetic leather (PU Microfiber) is laminated with a Polyurethane coating to ensure waterproofness and durability.  



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