Founded in 2003, Feelfree Gear has become a renowned brand worldwide of practical, stylish and durable waterproof bags and travel accessories for the global adventurer.

Our company is committed to the very best of modern technology in the pursuit of innovation, functional design and long-lasting quality. Furthermore, of an altruistic nature we assist with the employment of, and support the craftmanship of bags at a remote village in a northern Thai province.

Our Feelfree Gear product are create with quality of craftsmanship and  stylish design. We were originally designed for wet weather and extreme water sports enthusiasts, but are now also a huge hit with marine, sail sports, hiking, cycling, snow sports and adventure travel fans as well as being ideal for day-to-day use where wet gear could ruin a great day.

And what began life as waterproof gear have now blossomed into the go-to bags for fashion, fun and function in any climate.



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