Entry level spec, top level protection

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STYLE : Back Pack

HEIGHT : 50 cm. / 20”

WIDTH : 30 cm. / 12”

DEPTH : 30 cm. / 12”

CAPACITY : 40 Litres / 2,440 Cu.m.

Product Detail :
When you want to go anywhere and do anything, the multifunctional FeelfreeGo Pack is your ideal companion. Strong detachable shoulder straps make it great as a stylish backpack, or you can remove the straps and use them to secure the bag to your bike, boat or board using sturdy D rings.

The innovative ‘squeeze valve’ means you can use the Go Pack as a dry back to keep the contents safe, or as a wet bag when you want to store wet clothing or accessories.

In dry bag mode, you can squeeze air out of the bag toreduce pack size and create space before setting off, while wet bag mode allows you to drain out any excess water before you head home with wet kit that’s taken a battering.

There’s also an outer strap system, so you can bring along any extra items when you’ve run out of space inside. But with three sizes available, that’s rarely going to happen.

Available in 3 sizes and 7 colours.

  • Adjustable backpack straps

  • D ring Optional Clip System

  • Strap System for Wet Items

  • Strengthened Attachment

  • Water or Air Release Valve



Added tech storage and protection for the urban lifestyler

Size 15


Added tech storage and protection for the urban lifestyler

Size 25


The ultimate fully featured Adventureproof backpack

Size 15